From time to time everyone needs an outside perspective to help them break through barriers to success and refocus on what really matters.

I will partner with you to establish an individualized plan that meets your needs, creates accountability and moves you toward your goals.  Or perhaps you need support in creating/managing your social media presence. I also offer leadership training to executive teams, boards of directors and small groups.

web design & management

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, almost 1/2 of small businesses do not have a website. Your online presence is the face of your business or organization and in this digital age, it is imperative to have an effective, engaging mobile-ready web presence. As an extension of my strategic consulting services, I have helped clients both create and maintain their online presence. Here are a few sites I have helped design and manage:

culture change

social media consulting

Some of the most brilliant business plans or sales and marketing strategies falter because they are misaligned with employee attitudes and behaviors.

Culture is the environment in which your strategy prospers or perishes – it can shift with every hire or retirement; change with every merger or acquisition; and rise or fall with new leadership. If correctly managed, it can be a source of sustainable competitive advantage.

I have developed a distinctive methodology for assessing your current situation and making recommendations that will shape an agile, sustainable culture. Contact me today to set up an appointment to discuss culture change.

Social media is one of the most effective ways for you and your business/organization to engage your audience - but do you have the time to monitor/manage your social media presence?

The number of conversations happening on social media is exploding. As a result, social media monitoring has become essential for managing your brand, allowing you to better identify opportunities and manage threats. Whether managing your Facebook page, curating content for your Twitter account or writing/editing your blog, I can create a customized solution (per hour or per month) that keeps you visible.


Through my consulting practice I work with motivated and skilled small business and not-for-profit leaders to help them visualize their potential and create their future.  My philosophy on coaching can be summed up in these two words: focus, flexibility.

Focus helps you tune out irrelevancies.  It is concentration of attention and energy towards something - to know it and understand it completely.

Flexibility helps you understand that even though you have goals, there is room to change and expand them.  I use questioning techniques, planning skills and accountability measures to help clients transform their situation and discover their next important step.


For more information about any of these support services, please contact me here.