The building blocks of successful strategy balance aspiration and analysis;
information and inspiration.

I bring a broad range of expertise to help leaders like you connect vision to strategy; opportunity to action. My style is straightforward and my process is distinctive. I can help you achieve new levels of business and organizational performance in the areas described below. I also facilitate strategic planning.

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Brand communication takes place at every point that an individual interacts with you.  My work is about helping you shape the aspects of your customer's experiences and perceptions that you can influence - and close the gaps between your brand identity (how you want to be perceived) and your brand image (how you are perceived).

Marketing isn't one size fits all.  Your marketing strategy must be aligned with your goals, your target audience and the realities of your market. Marketers need to be innovative; and their activities, measurable.  In other words, it is time to be strategic.  That's where I can help.

Throughout my career I have helped not-for-profit organizations raise millions of dollars in private donations from foundations, corporations and individuals.  I have developed and implemented creative and innovative solutions for a diverse list of clients and causes.