Alberto Villoldo speaking about his book Shaman, Healer, Sage

sha • man• ism [shah-muh-niz-uhm]
noun - a range of beliefs and practices concerned with the connections between the natural and supernatural worlds.

I am a practitioner of contemporary shamanism.  I am a Founding Member of the Society of Shamanic Practitioners and have been initiated into the ancient medicine traditions of both North and South America.  I share this transformational path with integrity and compassion.  My intention is to bring this ancient healing practice forward to the present day by offering masterful assistance to both individuals and organizations.

My counseling and consulting practice focuses on finding and shifting imbalances at their root cause - bringing that which is out of alignment into balance and harmony.  I accept appointments in both Chicago, IL and Kalamazoo, MI and am available for retreats and workshops throughout the United States and Canada.  To inquire or request an appointment, please contact me here.

This is a personal dialog where the emphasis is on your personal life and spiritual path.  During the session, I will listen and guide you through shamanic divination, work with sacred power objects and ceremony.  These sessions are also available by phone or email.

The human energy field is a template of light that informs and organizes how our physical body heals, how we live and how we die.  An illumination session works with your chakra system to identify and remove the source of any imbalance.

Soul retrieval is an ancient practice for recovering those parts of our essential selves that have been lost due to pain or trauma.  During a session I will do a shamanic journey with you to help you reclaim that which has been disconnected.

From weddings to sweat lodges, funerals to religious fasting, every culture has appealed to the divine for their blessings of important human passages.  I can assist you with ceremonies to consecrate the critical events and passages that shape your life experience.